Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blondes and Brunettes

A friend of ours recently had the fortune to be in the right place and time to pick out this sweet blonde from a local breeder, who couldn't register her because of her off color. Our friend doesn't care that she's the wrong color, and she IS from good dogs. She's a German shorthair pointer he named Heidi. Close in age to our own darling brunette, below, they will be learning the ropes together.
We took Tuesday to drive down to Tulsa and pick out our girl from the litter. She's a German wire-haired pointer we named Gracie. She howled all through the night, but I didn't sleep where I could hear her, because I know this puppy game from way back.
These two photos were taken at a rest stop not far from the big Ark and Tulsa. She didn't even have a name yet.
The Arkansas River as it runs by Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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