Monday, November 17, 2008

Speaking of Football...

I visited my mom and dad this afternoon, looked at old photos, laughed at our old-fashioned hairstyles and ridiculous eyeglasses. I also picked up a notebook of my dad's hand-written reminiscences, intending to type them out for him. I came across this pearl.

Dad wrote:
"How do I watch Sunday Night Football with John Madden? The same way I used to watch Monday Night Football with Howard Cosell--with the sound off."

[Sorry, Dad, for stealing your blog material!]

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Dalesings said...

I like my brother's style! I went about it differently, but accomplished a similar effect: I would "watch" football by turning off the TV sound, tuning into the radio broadcast. On radio, there was so much time spent describing the action, there wasn't much left over for all the inanities that swamp TV play-by-play. Furthermore, silence was acceptable...the crowd noise by itself was sufficient filler, even serving to create a level of verisimilitude. And the radio announcers were often unabashed fans of their home team. Yes!