Monday, May 18, 2009

Chills and Thrills

I didn't take this picture. cherokeegirl at Dave's garden receives credit. This is, however, a brown thrasher, the same species of bird which Dad reported taking a "shower" in the bird bath yesterday. We have a pair of them around here, and you'll see one or the other if you spend any time at all on the front porch. None of the pictures I found on the internet did justice to the true color of this bird, which is not brown at all; I'd call it russet.Yes, I'll post just about anything. This is a shot of the scrap lumber stored under the back deck (to keep it dry). You may or may not notice the creature on that two by four. Here's a close-up. Isn't it nice how often animals will wait for me to rush inside, locate my camera and then fumble around several minutes while I try to take their picture? You'll notice that this beauty could, if s/he wanted, stretch the entire width of that 2x4.

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