Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dad has forgotten how to make oatmeal, and Al never learned. I wonder, sometimes, how they would survive without me here to feed them both like baby birds.

When I discover two, large, failed attempts at bowls of oatmeal, Al says to me, pointing at the oatmeal box, "That's how you make it, 2 to 1, right?" How do I tell him that you have to follow the spirit of the instructions, not the letter? He wouldn't understand. "Yes, dear, that's the recipe."

I scrape the glop from one bowl into the glob in the other bowl and path out to feed it to the chickens. When I return to the kitchen, I add oatmeal to the grocery list. *sigh*

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Moiya said...

It is difficult for oatmeal connoisseurs to have patience with the unenlightened.

I have tried for some time to teach my children to cook scrambled eggs without leaving 3/4 of the egg residue in the pan. I imagine they must have to scramble at least half a dozen eggs to get any amount of egg on their plates. However, I believe it must be genetic. Their father seems to have passed it down to all four of my children.