Monday, November 25, 2013

Sweet Sausage Soup

No pictures this time, but this blog is the best location I know to find things after long periods of forgetting about them, so I want to record today's soup recipe before it slips from my memory.  This recipe was several days cooking in my mind before I ever took my shovel to the garden.  I wanted a savory soup made from sweet potato, and I started online, but didn't find the recipe I wanted, although I saw quite a few things I knew I did not want.  I started brainstorming.

I figured that carrot was sweet like sweet potato, and we use carrots in savory soups, so I could probably use sweet potato in a similar way.  One idea followed another, and the result, which we ate for lunch, was absolutely delicious.  Even I was surprised at how good it was!

Amounts that follow are estimates.  I didn't measure.
2 cups  white or red potato, chunked (or whole if small enough), boiled in their jackets and roughly mashed with a fork  Note:  When boiling potatoes in their jackets, I boil them separately and pour off the water because I don't like the bits of debris.  However, I keep the nutritious jackets, which are now boiled very clean.  In this recipe, most of my water came from the carrots and sweet potato, which I boiled together.
1 1/2 cup carrots, peeled, coined and boiled soft
1 1/2 cup sweet potato, peeled, chopped and boiled soft
1/3 cup onion, chopped, fried with the pork below
1/2 pound LOCAL ground pork, fried along with the onion  Note:  There is no need to add oil.
1 pinch FRESH rosemary, about 2 inches of stem, using the leaves only, chopped fine

Use the boiling water for the soup liquid and add more if necessary.  Salt lightly as you go, adjusting at the end.  Add the fresh rosemary when everything is finally combined, just before simmering.

This soup is a main dish, and I just added home baked bread and real butter.

Now, because I didn't take pictures, here's a gnat I painted instead.

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