Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kansas Darlings!

My mom was REALLY SOMETHING!  No wonder my dad went gaga over her.  Mom's in the middle of the first pic, the one with Bennie scrawled across her back!  Scandalous!  I've enlarged the following photos so the print can be read.  The newspaper is the Bull Shoals Gazette, Flippin, Ark,., May, 1950.  Mom was only 19.  She wouldn't turn 20 until November.


In less scandalous news, Mom posed with other winners of an art award in 1948.  Somewhere in all my boxes, there are several similar awards for her art.  This picture is from The Wichita Beacon, Thursday, May 13, 1948.

Note:  Should anyone want the additional pic of Lova, let me know, and I can email it.

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