Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

The endless commercials, ads and junk mail for holidays, the scramble of Americans to buy useless merchandise with money they don't have (on credit) are so imbecilic and pathetic that I am embarrassed by my fellow humans who spend the money and angry at my fellows who make fools of the aforementioned!

The way we celebrate Mother's Day in this country makes buying a gift for our mothers into an obligation. It's a chore we have to put on our to do list, not to be forgotten lest the wrath of mother fall on our heads. I've felt that way, too. The problem is that there is a designated day to love my mother. I don't need a day. I love her all the time, my dad, too. The other problem with setting a day aside is that we can put off showing our love the rest of the year. Then the day comes, and we haven't thought about Mom for months, and we need to buy something on the run so she isn't hurt. To me, Mother's Day is the 'anti-love your mother' holiday.

Even though I despise Mother's Day and every other holiday trumped up as a merchandising blitz, which is all of them, I still continue to make an effort for my mom, although no one can make me buy her a worthless trinket.

Instead, I usually honor Mother's Day
1) with a visit--truly that's what she wants most in the world from her daughters so I could probably stop at that (The nice thing about a visit is that I get to talk with my dad, too.)
2) with a token--something she can brag about on the phone with her sisters or my sisters. Sometimes I bring her a bouquet of flowers from my garden. One year I knew she wanted a piece of my red honeysuckle, so I potted a volunteer of that for her. Once, I brought her a load of the dirt I make. (Don't laugh. She swoons over my homemade dirt!) Last year, I went with work gloves and helped her clean out a neglected garden bed. That was one of our best years, I think, because we shared something we both love. (By the way, I do that when it's not Mother's Day, too.)

Despite my anger and frustration at consumerism, which spikes on holydays, Pete Rahon managed to inspire me this year! Today he posted flowers for a Mother's Day card on his blog. His message was beautiful and sincere and had absolutely nothing to do with buying a useless product with false money and false intentions. Pete restored my faith in Mother's Day!

Too bad I don't think even Pete's love can fix Christmas.

(Forgive this one rant. I'll try to let it stand for the rest of the holidays as they come around.)


Pete Rahon said...

thanks for the mention here and the comment in my blog.

is the painting for your mom in water color? very nice.

consumerism - well i wish mom could check out my blog - I hope mys sisters-in-law who have access to internet will be able to see it. I tried calling her mobile/cell phone but can't get through...

I am learning about flowers name here in your blog will try to take fotos of those flowering trees here in Korea - I am amazed to see them we got few of them in the tropics - well tropical fruit bearing trees of course we got plenty but different like the ones here.

Morningangel said...

Usually, I work in watercolor, but this one is in acrylics.

Thank you for your comment, and thank you for your beautiful Mother's Day post.

Lobreandy said...

The best mother's day that my mom had that I remember is when we were working on a project together. We didn't really plan it like that, we just happened to be painting my room together.

She was never one for useless gifts. Or really gifts at all to be honest, shes really hard to shop for because she doesn't want anything.

This year unfortunately we didn't really do anything good besides "Happy Mother's Day!" a hug and asking her if there was anything special she wanted to do. She was busy with work stuff though and I was busy with studying.

We did however do our work/study in the same room which was nice.

We both were like "lol we fail at mother's day" and left it at that.

Morningangel said...

I'm pretty sure I would like your mom a lot.