Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dreaming in Color

Last night I dreamed in bright colors! I dreamed horses of roan and palomino, bay, white and black, buckskin. There were five white horses and a girl with long, blonde hair was riding one. I remember viewing her from the sky and wanting one of the white horses to ride for myself. So beautiful.

Then I dreamed chickens, so many chickens! They kept breeding, producing more chickens, itty bittys and regular chickens, all stuffed together, and I was scrambling to clean out more pens with more feeders and more waterers to make room for all the chickens. They were colored, too; gold and speckled with black, russet and white and yellow and dove gray. Most beautiful were a number of true blue chickens with black collars and black-tipped tails. Although the birds bred freely throughout the flock, I always had ten to a dozen of these chickens, blue as forget-me-nots. I remember simply looking and looking, enjoying their intense color in my dream.


Morning Angel said...

Bah! I don't know what's up with blogger this morning. The right side of the draft screen is cut off, the area with the functions for inserting pictures. I was going to show a pic of a buff brahma, a goldish chicken with the markings of the blue chickens in my dream. To give an idea, here's a link to the brahma,

Morning Angel said...

That company, Murray McMurray Hatchery, by the way, is the company from whom I purchased my beautiful Buff Orpingtons.