Monday, May 24, 2010


The kitchen window opens out onto a screened deck under which we have a large, messy lumber pile the inner depths of which we haven't shifted for twelve years. All of this faces the riverbank, which begins to slope down only a few feet from the house toward the water . In a few words, PRIME habitat for growing these monsters.

This is not the first of this spider's generations I've photographed and surely not the last, but it's the first one intrepid enough to creep in the open kitchen window and splay itself among my dirty dishes!

I usually leave these wonderful creatures alone, happy that they're fulfilling their niche under the woodpile, but this one had to go I'm afraid...under a newspaper and the flat bottom of the nearest, empty vase.

If you open that link above, notice the date, May 18, 2009. Next year I shall be looking out in late May!

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