Monday, December 15, 2008

Blog Review

I’m cleaning up my Blog List, removing those blogs that essentially never post. Below is my rationale for keeping those listed that I do (in no particular order).

Six Word Blog—hail Anne Johnson for the invention. Everyone wants to get in on the act and write six word poetry with her. If you’re not keeping up on Six Word Blog, you’re missing out on the best six words of your day. Do yourself a favor and read.

The Secret Sun—Chris is spiraling down into synchromysticism like there’s no tomorrow. If you have the energy, you can try to keep up with him. Just be sure to attach yourself to a tether line from the mother ship. Although I don't share his opinions, I find Chris' mental gymnastics fascinating in a voyueristic kind of way. Lately, I've only been skimming as I lose interest in the content and may end up removing this blog.

Stranger Fruit—Always worth a peek. The Monday Mustelid is terrific, although I read that it may be coming to an end. A pity.

Wild Chihuahuas—If I was restricted to one blog, this would be the one for me. I can’t say enough good things about Pico’s wit, his choice of subjects, clear mind, his open heart.

The Gods Are Bored—Anne Johnson’s blog is always a joy.

The Wild Hunt—Jason Pitzl-Waters is consistent, posting each day. With a level head, he covers current events concerning Pagans. He has an intelligent and caring readership who contribute with thoughtful comments.

The D’Alliance—keeping us informed on the follies and tragedies of the “Drug War.”

Morehead’s Musings—John Morehead is representative of the anti-stereotype in religion and reminds us not to cubbyhole religious people into fanatic cubicles. All Catholics are not rabid anti-abortionists. Moslems are not terrorists. Mormons are not all polygamists. Fundamental Christians are not all ignorant, and so on. There exists within American faiths an inter-faith movement, which not only embraces established religions, but explores the beliefs of minorities, such as the Pagans. Hail tolerance, the path to peace.

Inspirations and Creative Thoughts—Written by MysticSaint, poet, artist and mystic, this blog is an (almost) daily sermon in love, self-exploration, peace and the divine. Wonderful music.

Earth House Hold—This link is most unfortunately broken on my blog list. I’ve tried deleting and adding it again, but without success, so the post date doesn’t update. It will always say “1 year ago,” but don’t let that fool you. It updates every week or so and well worth a look. Currently, Chet is lamenting America’s gross materialism, and I share his grief. Dear Lord, America, just stop shopping! Is it really that difficult to stay home from Wal-Mart?!

Blog of the Grateful Bear—While Bear sometimes goes long stretches without posting, his posts are rich with his gentle nature, and it gives me a warm feeling to keep in touch with him.

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