Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Beloved Chiefs

I admit it. I’m a diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan, emphasis on the diehard. Last week, when our beloved Chiefs were 2-11, I wore a Chiefs logo sweatshirt and rooted for them to the bitter end of a bitter game and a missed field goal in the last 2 seconds, just like I do every week. I wasn’t the only one! Fans at the stadium actually got to their feet in support of the defense on a Chargers critical 3rd down. Of course, that may have something to do with the tailgating, which reaches momumental proportions at Arrowhead, and the copious flow of beer.

Our beloved Chiefs have a special magic that I’m not sure is present anywhere else. This team has the ability to inspire hope in the fans, even, for example, at 2-11, and then at the last second to dash those hopes in the most cruel fashion. It’s not just this year. It’s been happening for years as the team puts together great seasons, only to sadistically disappoint the fans once we reach the playoffs.

This year has consisted of one crushing blow after another. There has been promise, hope, stunning plays, consistency from key players, development among rookies, and then they, somehow, some way, from some magic hat, find a way to lose the game. Need I mention the decision to “go for 2” when we were one point down against the Chargers in our first match this year? It would be easier to be a Detroit Lions fan. At least you wouldn’t get your hopes up every week. Those fans KNOW the Lions are going to lose. Not so with the Chiefs. The potential is always there for a win. Blast them!

It was just announced that tight end Tony Gonzalez has been picked for his 10th straight pro bowl, an honor well-deserved. Tony is Superman and a joy to watch. I hope he doesn’t leave next year, but I wouldn’t blame him if he did. No one would. Yet, there’s always that…hope… that next year… Darn, there I go again!


Chet Gresham said...

Wow, they've taken losing to another level! Crazy game today!

My Steelers got thumped by the Titans. Painful to watch. Thankfully I don't have to watch as many losses as you! Hah!

Morning Angel said...

O, dear lord, it was heart-breaking. I nearly sobbed. Also, couldn't believe Steelers got beat--and by the Titans! I was sure Roethlisberger wouldn't let that happen. I guess I have to give up my position that the Titans are pretenders. If they can beat the Steelers...

McNabb & Co. lost, too. Another stunner.