Friday, December 12, 2008

Lots of Pots

Here is my shame and, simultaneously, my treasure hoard. This small building was first dubbed the gardening shed; it has become the "toss everything garden related" bin. I've decided to clean it out. *grooooaaan* During the summer months, I avoid this chore by claiming spiders and snakes. During the winter, I avoid it by claiming cold and bad weather. But the day has least to begin.This is the type of treasure one might find in my gardening shed. I discovered this fantastic object in the dirt yesterday while straightening out the wood piles. I will add it to my collection of perfectly useless and perfectly wonderful.Here's the result of the first stage of cleaning out the gardening shed: plastic plant containers. Sadly, I didn't even make a dent inside the shed by pulling all this out. What now?

Obviously, no one needs this many salvaged plastic pots, but it's hard to toss them out. They're so USEFUL. For example, when I want to send home a plant division or share some iris rhizomes with my mom, I scrounge in the shed until I find the right size pot for it, then off it goes to Mom's house, and I don't have to mourn the loss of a container. Indeed, I couldn't pull out all the plastic pots because they're busy being storage for a host of items; nylon string, fertilizer, wooden stakes, flags, hose connectors and more. Besides the fact that I find the pots useful, there's my reservation about filling the landfill with all that plastic. I hate to throw out plastic. While I stew it over, mentally preparing myself for the big throwaway, I'll bring around all those pots I have stored in the greenhouse, not as many as here, but a substantial lot.
I've finally come up against it, the GRAND ASSESSMENT, and I've got to decide how many plastic pots a woman truly needs to be content.

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