Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog Stats

I keep a hidden stat counter on my page, in addition to feedjit, and I like to see where my readers are from and what they read. It's pretty surprising, though. I cranked a few numbers to clean up the raw scores, and here's the result from the last three months. Craziness.

32% Egyptian Walking Onions (I and II)
15% German Wire-haired Pointer
11% Stream of Life
48% all the other stuff with less than 1% each

Who would have ever thought so many people would look up Egyptian Walking Onions!? Certainly not me.

Update: I corrected the links on my post, "Over the Top" or "Nature of the Beast," so they connect directly to the stories and not the blog's homepage, except for The Wild Hunt, which doesn't allow that feature. For the story at The Wild Hunt, read the 7.14.2008 entry.

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