Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Over the Top" or "Nature of the Beast"

This story is so over the top that I sat here stunned for a while as I passed through stages. There was disbelief (at which I searched the blogosphere to corroborate), maniacal laughter (at the insanity of it), vengeful satisfaction ("Bout time they experienced what it felt like! Amirite?), frustration (No, they don't get it, and they won't.) and resentment (...and yet they govern, marginalizing all the rest of us). I think I've finally settled on defeat and resignation, where I've accepted that I'm not mainstream; they are, and they set the rules, the norms. They reserve the right to indignant, self-righteous outrage. For the greater good of "God", they are blind to hypocrisy, and there's nothing anyone can do about it, because that's the very nature of the beast, hypocrisy; he's blind to himself.

For an explanation (and some comment) of this confusion and soul-searching, see these sites, which carry the story.
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