Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MPG on our Motorcycle

We don't commute to work by bicycle here in Wichita. First, the weather doesn't allow it--there's a reason folks drive trucks in Kansas. Second, the distances don't allow it--people would spend as much time getting to and from their workplace as working. Third, there's no infrastructure for bicycles, which puts them in direct competition with the motorized traffic--ugly. For a few individuals, a unique set of circumstances makes it possible, so once in a while, you see a person biking to work. Even these hardy souls can't do it every day; the weather, as I said.

A bicycle is out of the question, but a couple months ago as an alternative, we bought a motorcycle for my partner to commute to work. He can't ride it every day, but he does as often as possible. We bought it for a number of reasons. First of all, it's fun. Second, it produces less pollution. Third, it prevents us putting mileage on the truck. Last, it saves gas, which we care about both for the money it saves us and for energy conservation.

Well, finally, we got our first mpg reading off the motorcycle. We've had it two months already, and the darn thing didn't need a fill-up so we couldn't calculate.

The result was 94mpg!

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