Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Big Snow

Snowboy, watercolor by me
Once in a while my daily subscription to EBSQ actually presents me with an original I like. Today, it was this fun acrylic by Tammy Moody. It reminded me of this watercolor I did years ago of a little boy catching snowflakes on his tongue. The image is from a children's book, but I don't remember the title. It might even have been called The Big Snow.
Sudbury Sketches by moi
Tammy's painting reminded me, too, of these watercolor sketches I made of children playing at the Sudbury School in Massachusetts. It was summertime then, but the mood is similar, yes?

[Unfortunately, one of my great failings is my lack of photography skills, so the colors in these pics aren't very true to the originals. I tried to adjust once I had them on the computer, but the whites aren't very white in Snowboy, and the figures are fuzzy in the sketches.]

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