Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunny Day

Rejoice! The sun is shining!

Dad and I went for a short walk today. 45 degrees, sunshine and little to no wind. Dad's gear is a bit deceptive here; it wasn't nearly as cold as it appears! And no, he's not going into hunting--yet. The camo was just a loaner I snatched up before we went out. Also, next time I'll remind him to smile, for heaven's sake!


Dalesings said...

My, oh my, oh my, is this picture ever haunting to me! David is the spittin' image of our Dad in his final years. Other than the cane. And that highly characteristic extension of his right index finger, unique to David.

Everything else seems to match: the narrow face; the stretched out neck muscles; the slight stoop; the bundling up against the cold; the fixed stare.

Morning Angel said...

This was at the end of the walk, and he was anxious for a rest by this time. Nevertheless, we had a nice day together. Dad was in a good mood and felt strong all day. It is good to hear him chuckle...mighty good. I admit to making him cry a couple of times, but only over good thoughts!

How perceptive of you to notice the finger. It IS QUITE characteristic. You have probably seem him gesture with it frequently. He also nudges his glasses up with that same fingertip.

He is so dear.