Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Emil Daniel, es mi esposo, mi esposo."

An emergency occurred at my home, which had me awake for a 25 hour period. At that point, I was allowed roughly three hours of sleep, followed by another period of stress. Finally, after about 35 hours, I was able to truly sleep, and sleep I did, with vivid and racing images as though my brain was rushing to catch up on its REM requirements. When I woke, my arms were numb from prolonged inactivity. I raised them above my head to let the blood circulate and drifted in the lingering mantra of the dreams. As horrifying as the images had been, one refrain saved me and provided shelter and joy throughout, that was Emίl Danίel Andalei, es mi esposo, mi esposo.

I must go again to the hospital, but if I can, I will relate the dream later. It's a shame there's no time to capture my first impressions, but I'm doing my best to mentally walk through it and commit it all to memory. Later...I'll try tonight maybe.


Tracie "Red" Holladay said...

An emergency?

Of what sort?

Morning Angel said...

My dad developed an obstructed bowel. He may need surgery within the next couple of days. He and I have been awake dealing with symptoms, emergency and hospital rooms and a lot of tubing. He is stable, and they're watching him closely, so he's now in no immediate danger. Surgery, though, would be tough for him to come back from at his age and in his condition. I'm preparing for a long haul.

Tracie "Red" Holladay said...

Oooo, sounds awful.

Good luck to him with that, and positive energy to the family.

Anonymous said...

RE: your questions about Joe

No, he is not part of a kindred. There aren't any around here any more. The closest one is somewhere near Tarpon Springs, which is a few hours' drive outside Orlando.

Is he oath bound? Only to Allfather at this point.

Some years back, when I first began exploring the Heathen way, we did take a kindred oath, but the kindred we did that in context of disintegrated. One of the members overdosed on drugs last October and is already feasting in Valhall.

As I mentioned before, he's an Odinsman...and he's a Gemini. Talk about slick. He can find a way to wiggle out of anything if he does not want to be forced to be accountable.

Tracie the Red

Morning Angel said...

Red, I'm having trouble leaving comments at your blog. The word verification feature is stuck at "loading..."

The link below is for the Jotun's Bane Kindred forum. I think you would find some ideas and attitudes there from Heathen men that might be valuable in your relationship with Joe.

Tracie "Red" Holladay said...

OK I got the link. Will pass it on.

PS: He was a member of The Troth as well, but his membership lapsed and he hasn't re-enrolled at this time.