Monday, February 23, 2009

Excessive Sleepiness

I went outside to wake myself up and fell asleep leaning against a fence. I came inside to nap it off and the phone wouldn't stop ringing. Now I'm reading blogs with eyelids lined with grit, swilling black tea, and writing inane accounts of my activities. I'd go sleep in Dad's hospital room if the bells and alarms and nurses would leave me in peace. Those wonderful women, though, are in there every few minutes turning my dad, making sure he has massage for his legs, ice for his parched throat, ointment for chapped lips, minty rinse for his teeth, the list is nearly endless.

I can not convey how their kind attentions relieve my anxiety for dad as he struggles through this latest crisis. ...and now he can barely speak since he's been without his Parkinson's medicines for two days, yet they divine his needs and attend to them. Bless them for their kindnesses and hard work.

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