Saturday, February 21, 2009

Violence against Women

Kim Gandy writes about women and violence and the recent high-profile cases. Just a reminder, too, that Joe Biden was a champion of the VAWA.

NOW provides the current statistics on violence against women and calls them, appropriately, shocking. Unlike an email I received a few days ago, the links are functional and lead to legitimate sites with responsible numbers.

It's my opinion that if we elimated all violence against women, peace and prosperity would follow. It's in the method and means.


Tracie "Red" Holladay said...

How about eliminating violence period? Against anyone?

I have to admit - and know that I have no wish to be offensive, just honest - that glorification of violence is one of the things that made me feel so very unwelcome and uncomfortable with most Heathens. I'm not really inclined to a violent nature, and some people made me feel like "if you're not willing to fight, you are a disgrace to the Gods" or something like that.

Joe blows those people off. He says that the world needs more nonviolent types like me, that we can't all be warriors and asskickers. If we were, we'd have killed each other by now.

I call those people "axeatru."

Those who think that Heathenry is just an excuse to drink, I call "beeratru."

OK so I sometimes have a snarky moment. I guess I'm allowed, once in a while...

:sheepish grin:

Morning Angel said...

I have a lot of things to say in response (hopefully I can write more soon), and I agree with you, especially as concerning some younger members of Heathenry or some newer members. It takes time and much study to become spiritually mature within any discipline. Heathenry no exception.

Joe sounds like a good Heathen, and I mean that simplistically and profoundly. In my opinion, there really is nothing better than a good Heathen.