Sunday, February 22, 2009

For the Folks at Jotun's Bane Kindred


Tracie "Red" Holladay said...

Nice hammer. Is it yours?

I should take a pic of the one Joe uses and post it. :)

It's funny; even though Mjollnir is "the symbol" for Asatru, Joe usually does not wear one as a pendant. He has one, he just doesn't wear it.

Instead, he has a valknut tatooed on his chest, right at the collarbone level - we call it the "insert spear here" mark. LOL!

He also has a small bronze pendant that has engraved on one side a boar, and on the other is the hammer.

Usually he wears it with the boar side out.

He's friendly with Freyr, for an Odinsman.

I think he is trying to put forward the idea that there's more to Heathen sacred animals than just wolves and ravens. We are surrounded by Wiccans who really go berserk with the wolves and ravens, so he's just got to be different!

Morning Angel said...

It is mine, one of the iron "artifacts" I occasional dig up while I'm gardening. I rediscovered it on my museum shelf of "iron finds" at just the time I needed it. I wrote a post about it over at Jotun Bane's forum, but I couldn't manage to post this image, so I placed it here with a link for the group there to find, thus the title.

As for Heathenry, I approached it first from literature, not from the male machismo angle, so I don't possess any negative attitudes toward the culture. My one, great wariness is racial discrimination, which I cannot abide, and that I haveencountered online.

I've seen some of what you're describing among younger Heathens on the internet, but I see the same among young men in general. I'm not sure it's a Heathen phenomenon. The men at Jotun's Bane Kindred, which is located in the Kansas City area, and the men of Falcon Kindred in the Northwest are a thoughtful folk, and I find Heathens as a group to be well-read. I believe Reconstructionism has that asset going for it; it requires study. And, of course, I occasionally discover great people on the internet like you and Swain Wodening and Hrafnkell and Wodhanazson.

I wear my pendant, but for too many reasons to write about in this limited space and time.

I agree about the wolves and ravens, but I don't bother with most of the internet hype. My focus these days is on "living Heathen" and in finding a few individuals in my area who share my desire for closer intimacy with wights and gods and commitment toward living an honorable life.

Thanks for your comments, Red.