Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Glove Update

Last year about this time, May Day, in fact, I blogged about gardening. Doh!

Among other things, I wrote this:
Gloves. I'm wearing a blue cloth pair here because I was doing light work, but I usually wear a green and black pair at $22 each + shipping from Smith & Hawken. Gloves are my primary tool in the garden. I weed, dig, scoop, haul and basically DO everything with my gloves. The Smith & Hawken pair I've discovered have all the features I find so essential. There's a soft patch of fabric along the thumb with which I can wipe sweat from my face, reinforced fingertips (very important) and ventilation across the back. They also have a velcro closure to fit snugly around my wrists so soil and insects don't slip down into the gloves (which is awfully annoying). I buy two each season.
I'm back with an update. First, I tried to extend last year's pair into autumn/winter and worked with holey gloves. That messed up my schedule, and I began a new pair way too early in the season this year. Now even before May Day, I need another pair, because the late winter/early spring work already wore out the last. That leads me to the second update; Smith and Hawken has removed my gloves from their online catalog! I was in a mild panic for about five minutes until I found Womanswork. Their motto is "strong women~building a gentle world." Here's the link to my gloves. Notice I can now get them in pink! JOY!

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