Friday, April 24, 2009

Labyrinth: Choosing a Site

I have the special honor in May of receiving an expert in labyrinths, the creator of Mindful Labyrinths, who happens to also be my uncle. I mentioned my desire to build a labyrinth at Rivergarth and also my previous difficulty, and he offered to help me when he's here. Yeehaw!
He also suggested I begin a record of the labyrinth's development--an excellent idea if I can keep it up!

A pic taken this evening of a potential site for the labyrinth, this open space in the front yard.

I took this pic last summer. The bush loaded in pink panicles is the same as the large, leafless bush in the upper left quadrant of the first pic above.


Dalesings said...

Holy-moly, Kecia! Wondrous place. Where the veil is thin between seen and unseen. A place of Becoming. I shiver.

Dalesings said...

Oh my, perhaps the bush is ready to become enflamed in the next few weeks!

Morning Angel said...

And all this time I've just been calling it my front yard, weeds and all. It's been ten years in Becoming, but never yet Become. :)

That bush is a crepe myrtle. As you can see from the top picture, it is one of the last species to leaf out in the spring, but worth the wait. It will begin blooming in mid to late July, and be crazy-fabulous-gorgeous through August and into September.

Rivergarth is like that, with something special in each season. Sometimes one has to wait; always one must look and listen, but there's something beautiful to discover year-round.