Monday, April 6, 2009

Proud Again

Yesterday (Sunday) was the one year anniversary of this blog. Today, then, is the first day of a new year. Isn't it appropriate that the first book I'll finish on my new reading list is President Obama's Dreams from My Father. He has already drawn a tear or two as I read on the plane. If I pause between the lines at any time to remember the current status of the author, I get all choked up all over again.

The G20 and NATO summits were at their height with President Obama in attendance while I was in Europe. Despite the economic problems, Europe is bursting with optimism. Europe adores this man and while I try to exercise moderation, I, too, am as giddy as a Beatles-fan when I hear our President speak of tolerance of differing worldviews and respect for all people.

During the Bush years, one could feel the scorn of our European hosts while traveling, but now I'm proud to be American when I travel among our allies, a word into which President Obama has breathed new spirit.

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