Thursday, October 10, 2013

Forager's Salad with Random Notes

Forager's Salad  ...varies by what I find in the garden

Four large tomatoes ...woody from being chomped by stinkbugs

Four small tomatoes ...from a volunteer that has excellent flavor, but small fruit

1 green onion ...lost in the weeds, the last one I think, unless I find another when I weed~someday

3 slender onions ...those from the Egyptian Walkers that have wandered all over the property and never fail me even in the cold of winter

Handful of cilantro ...from volunteers that reseed themselves at will, insuring I always have some fresh tops even if others have gone to flower

2 carrots matter how long I leave them or how woody they get, this Napoli variety always has a sweet flavor, maybe something to do with my ground

2 leaves of sage ...from the daughter plant.  Considering she sprawls six foot in all directions, she won't even notice the loss.

A few leaves of basil ...the rosette pinched from the top of a mammoth plant that has fallen to its side, but doesn't seem to mind.  Only cold will stop it.

A delicate branch of sorrel with its "pickles" ...grows wild, red and green, as a weed

Chop it all into convenient bite-size pieces.  Add a can of kidney beans and the half can of garbanzos leftover in the fridge.  Season with salt, pepper, red pepper, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and virgin olive oil.  Mix and chill.  Eat at will, knowing that the calories are negligible and far outweighed by the marvelous health benefits!  Very good for the heart, weight loss, depression and the prevention of Alzheimer's.

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