Friday, October 25, 2013

Tomatoes and Painting

Busy two days.  I have harvested all the tomatoes, mostly green ones, from all varieties and volunteers.  Hidden deep in the jungles of the Brandywine, I found quite a few whoppers in size.  Knowing how delicate they are, I handled them as carefully as soap bubbles, trying not to bruise their tender flesh.  I don't know how they will ripen on the table, but maybe better than the hybrids.  We'll see.

The Watercolor-A-Day project is surprisingly burdensome. If I don't have that done, I feel something weighing on my mind.  It's like having a job!   On the plus side, I am learning while painting every day.  The project has also provided images that I have intended to paint for a long while, especially images for projects pending like an Etsy shop and a Zazzle shop.  I even designed holiday cards for my husband to send from his office.  He buys several hundreds each year, so he won't splurge for that many of my custom cards, but he is going to buy 50 or so that are personalized with his business name. 

The Yule card is something I have meant to do for years.  In fact, as I sift through watercolor paintings and old computer files, I find bits and pieces of work I did last year and the year before that, all abandoned because the season came and went before I could get my act together.  Not this year!  This year, I did it!  The proof is in the new sidebar on this blog, shiny links to new holiday cards at the opening of my Zazzle shop!  

I am pretty excited about this shop.  I can imagine myself designing for many more items, especially things I want for myself.  Zazzle offers  a floor lamp with three shade options customizable with my artwork, and I was thinking big, bright flowers to match my cranberry red wall.  Exciting?  To me!

Seeing my artwork on functional items, things that are out in the world, getting used and enjoyed every day, the idea never seriously penetrated my head before, but now that it has, I like it!

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