Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Roast for the Pot

Advisory:  Look away if eating meat is not your thing.  :)

Eating meat from the grocery store is not my thing either!  The meat in the photos below was purchased from Jako Farm, a family-owned and run business near Hutchinson, Kansas.  The animals are pastured there on lovely grasses and forbs without any herbicides or pesticides.  Well, see the specifics here at Jako's website, where they explain it all beautifully.

We mostly buy pork, but with a few chickens and a very special beef product or two.  Below is a roast my husband chose.  It depends on the computer display, of course, but the red on mine is a few shades lighter than the actual roast.  Packed full of goodness!
I still had potatoes from my dig two days ago, and I went out to grab a few carrots, taking a shovel with me this time.  I found that snapped off carrot I left before, but accidentally cut through it once again.  That root must go to China!  I had a half onion in the refrigerator, and I grabbed a pint of treasured tomatoes from the pantry.  From the freezer, I chose a green pepper that I froze two Saturdays ago.  I chopped it all up and popped it in the crockpot.  I salted and peppered and added some garlic powder.  Nothing left to do but stir and fill with water just to the top of the veggies.  I set the crockpot on high for a few hours, and I will check on it now and then to be sure it doesn't run dry. When I serve, I will toss some fresh, chopped parsley on the side, and we will have fresh, buttered bread.  This will feed the two of us for a couple days, maybe three, depending on how frugally we eat.  

Below is the picture of my too-big, but still tasty, fresh carrots.  The last picture is the near final assembly. 

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