Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh My, Oh My, Yes, it IS a Dickcissel Nest!

Al went hunting this morning.  Usually, he brings me a gift from the field.  Often, it is a huge rock he has lugged a great distance back to his truck.  Oh, the labors of love!  Today, he presented me with this delicate sculpture.  Who knows how far he carried it, careful not to dislodge the fairy nest in its crown of twigs.  I wondered what bird might have made it, a song sparrow, American tree spa....   No, he knew.  Because he had snapped the top of the sapling off, preserving the nest in situ, he knew it had been growing low to the ground.  He said "dickcissel," and I knew immediately he was right!  The misty seedheads were already in my little pitcher.  All I did was position the sapling stem in beside it and...Voila!  Instant art!

I'm pretty much beside myself with glee.

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