Monday, December 23, 2013

Sunday Brunch

I may be happiest with this meal more than any other this year.  I had mixed sprouts and pea shoots ready at the same time.  In addition, I had a couple of small tomatoes ripe, those that I picked green way back before the first hard frosts and laid out on the dining table to ripen.  Some of those ended up with the chickens, and my sister and I have eaten the rest as they turn red.  It's the first year I had tomatoes, not just through November, but through December, so I'm excited about that.

The soup is cream of turkey made from the turkey I raised and roasted, and with bone broth I cooked from the carcass.  There's also some onion, green pepper, garlic and a little half-and-half that Al bought as a treat for coffee.  We can never use the whole pint before it goes bad, so I make an effort to make some sauces and gravies whenever we splurge on a half-and-half.

The bread is our staple, baked from a frozen loaf.  The butter is real.  But back to that salad...  There are some sliced baby carrots (store-bought; we have eaten all of ours), chopped tomatoes, pea shoots in the middle and mixed sprouts on the far side of the plate.  I grated a rich, hard cheese over everything and drizzled plenty of extra-virgin olive oil, then salt and peppered.  Best brunch ever!

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