Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Soda Bread

Bread is so simple to make, there's not much to write about it.  My recipe was from a site called Cut Out + Keep.  I chose this recipe because it doesn't use buttermilk, an item for which I would usually have to visit the store.  The only modification I made was to replace half the flour with wheat flour.  The wheat flour clogs up the sifter, but I have a fine-mesh sieve that works well for it.

 As the baker, I indulged the treat of the first piece, warm from the oven and slathered with butter.  It turned out pretty heavy, but you can see a little bit of lift.  The idea was to pair it with soup, and I think this heavier bread is better for that because it doesn't dissolve as easily.   The wheat flour gave it loads of flavor, but would probably be much lighter with all-white.   This wheat bread was so flavorful that it might also be good with a berry or nut added, but then a forklift would be needed to transport it around the kitchen.
Other projects around here are Yule decorations.  I pulled out all the stockings, but I didn't have socks for all the new family members, so I cut out some paper socks for this year.  I think they look pretty cute hanging over the door to the deck!

Far more demanding a task will issue from this box, last marked "supplies 2012."  Funny how long a history this box has lived, ever since 2004 when I stored canned tomatoes in it!  Currently, it holds my equipment for canning, the tongs, lids, seals, pincers, funnels, that type of thing.  The box is out today because I am seriously pondering the cuts of venison in the garage freezer.

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