Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Muffins were a Success

I am currently out of home raised eggs, a situation that won't change for a while.  My sister is supposed to bring eggs next time she visits, but I doubt she will remember.  In the meantime, I have been on vegan cooking websites looking for eggless recipes.  The eggless sugar cookies I found were and are amazing.  I have baked them nearly a dozen times already.  My other requirement is that I should have all the ingredients already in my pantry.  I despise making a special trip to the store for one, small item.  Is any recipe really worth that?  Well, once in a blue moon, it is, but there are 1000s of ways to bake muffins, so no.I have plenty of sweet potatoes, so this recipe for sweet potato muffins was perfect.  I peeled and boiled sweet potato until soft, then mashed it well, making sure there were no chunks.  I don't think a chunk of vegetable is nice to bite into in a muffin.  I had plenty left over, but it won't go to waste.  I made two substitutions and two additions to the recipe.  Instead of coconut milk, I used Silk original flavor almond milk, which I keep on hand for oatmeal and drinking.  I also substituted the optional cranberries with raisins, another staple.  In addition, I added 1/4 tsp ground cardamom, which I keep refrigerated.  I like the grown-up flavor of cardamom.  I also added a small bag of sliced almonds because I had opened it a few days ago, and they don't stay all that fresh if not used quickly.

 After filling the muffin cups about half full, I had plenty left over.  I ended up baking 21 muffins in two batches.  Here they are in the pic below fresh from the oven with butter melting on top.  They are not an overly sweet muffin and absolutely perfect for breakfast.  The addition of nuts bumped them right up into the meal category.  For added sweetness, one could add a dollop of jam, but I ate them this morning just cool and plain, and they were really good that way, too.

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