Thursday, June 19, 2008

Heavenly Bamboo

Nandina, or Heavenly Bamboo, not a bamboo at all, is planted, primarily, for the foliage. At least, that's why I have it. Of course, most familiar plants are classified as flowering plants (yes, there are plants on earth that don't flower, but that's another blog for mosses, ferns, etc.), but there are plenty of hybrids in our gardens that never or rarely produce a bloom, and I assumed Nandina was one of these. I was wrong! Just look at these pretty blossoms! Bumblebees are in the thick of them, and not just in a lazy, quiet way. The bumblebee in the pic below was buzzing, unusual for these big guys, and quivering his little butt like he just scored!

(A wasp landed on my hand while I was taking this pic, and I, naturally, froze. He wagged his scary stinger and flew off again. Phew!)

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