Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This is Gardening

The small things in gardening delight me the most. Although I bow to the opinions of people who judge my garden by the large splashes of color I can create, I'm not personally impressed with swatches of monocultured flowers. Anyone with a couple hundred bucks and a watering system can do that. The difference between 'landscaping' and 'gardening' is miles wide. I won't ever pair a red-leaved barberry with a yellow-leaved one, because that's hideous, and it doesn't even belong at McDonald's, where it turns up as frequently as weeds. What I do is garden. It's an art, not a profession.

This is a poem. Santolina in bloom, Lamb's ear and Kniphofia.

Oregano growing out of bounds, a stray larkspur, the first purple coneflower bloom of the season, garlic going to flower and tiny impatiens which spring up spontaneously in the path to bloom willy-nilly. This is gardening.

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