Sunday, June 8, 2008

Melanie - I Tried To Die Young

My sis and I were just little girls, probably no more than 8 and 9, when we heard and became fans of Melanie. Her music is something we've both carried with us as we grew up, something always there in the back of our minds, informing us about music and life. It's with me now as I'm, not growing UP so much as, growing OLD. Her appeal has not dimmed one whit with age. She is as gracious and beautiful and talented as ever.

I love you, Melanie.


Jim Baldwin said...

Melanie is the best. Have you signed the petition yet? LetHerIn dot org
Jim Baldwin
Spokane WA

Morningangel said...

Yup. The best. I did sign the petition.

Pico said...

Thanks for the memories, and for the plug for the ANWAR post.

I just hung a YouTube of Melanie singing her roller skate song, and I might hang "Old Bitch Warrior," too, since it's pretty much autobiographical.