Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dad's Crash Helmet

Dad came home today. Thanks for everyone who was keeping us in their thoughts. This photo was taken today in his newly refinished room. He cried when he saw it. In fact, he thought the whole house looked beautiful. ...and compared to his living quarters over the last two weeks, it is. It really is.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a grand thing, to have him come home!

He looks like he's a total sweetie. Just too lovable for words.

Hug him for us! Dads are very special.

Heathen Mama said...

Very glad to hear your dad is home. He looks very stylish in his helmet. :)
(CeltiaSkye from the Heathen Gods forum)

Morning Angel said...

Thank you, ladies, for your kind words. Yes, he's the dearest man you could ever meet, and I'm so glad to have him home where I can spoil him properly.

Actually, spoil both my men like they deserve, because my husband is equally dear and so good to my dad. I don't know how I came to be so blessed.

Dalesings said...

Yuppers, that brother of mine -- you've known him all your life; I've known him all my life -- is one extraordinary human being. What a trooper!

Sooooooooo...given that helmet, does he have motorcycle aspirations?

Morning Angel said...

"Sooooooooo...given that helmet, does he have motorcycle aspirations?"

Hehe, I don't see motorcycles in Dad's future. He wanted a helmet, and my husband found his own bike helmet that he doesn't use anymore and donated it to the cause. The hat makes Dad feel more secure, because he's afraid he'll fall and injure his head. He won't fall, of course, like he did that once at his own residence, because I'm quite unlikely to let him take out the trash on a icy day over a blacktop!!!!!!