Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunna's Day

Wood duck on Friday, a flock of turkey on Saturday, our first spring thunderstorms last night, and the sun is rising clear today, Sunna's Day! It really is spring, my darlings.

-stock photo- credit: me!

Greetings to you, Sunna, Lamp of Odin, newly risen! Hail to you who has shown on all our ancestors, who shines on us, and who will shine on our descendants yet unborn. Share with us some of your light, your energy, your power, so that we might better fight our battles and attain our goals.

-from Vaygar Elmersson's prayer last Sunday

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Bjorn Odinsson said...

Hey Morning Angel! I loved this post! Beautiful prayer btw, haven't heard it before, but I will be remembering it for later use :D

You are very right regarding the comments on my blog. "Interfaith" dialogue is simply a ploy for Christians to tell us how wicked and lost we are. I am an ultra-Right-Wing Heathen, one might say bordering on fundamentalist. The reason for my vehement stance against Christianity is because I have dealt time and again with such Christians who pretend to listen to us and our belief, all the while sizing one up and trying to ascertain the chinks in their spiritual armor. Lol thankfully part of my education was debate, so I am quite good at destroying them in these verbal battles, and I think that Heathens all should enroll themselves in debate and study it's intricacies. We need Heathen apologists, Heathen standard-bearers if you will who are armed with textual knowledge of Christianity and the ability to deftly and eloquently cut down the Christian opposition.