Saturday, March 28, 2009

Plans for Italy

I wrote this on Wednesday, because I knew I'd be too busy to blog today. Today I am adding the last items to my carry-on and heading to the airport. Our flight for Sorrento leaves around 2pm. Notice I added a weather bar for Sorrento over at the right. The weather is roughly the same as here, 50s to 60s, chances of rain now and then. We're used to that, because we always go about this time, early spring. It makes packing that much easier.

The weather may be similar, but I must admit to looking forward to the magnificent ocean views. The hotel claims to offer views of the bay in one direction and a view of Mt. Vesuvius in the other. It's a win-win!

What I don't look forward to is the 10 hour flight. My husband and I dread that, but once again we'll fold our aging, aching bones into our seats and beg stewards for water throughout all for a chance to unfold once again in Europe in spring.

This year we're going back to Italy, because when we last went to Rome we regretted that we had missed Pompeii. We had to correct that. We'll also visit the Isle of Capri, including Anacapri and the Villa of San Michele. Heavens above, I can't wait for that! We haven't decided yet about the Blue Grotto. I'll let you know when I return. Naturally, we'll spend a day in Pompeii. We're also considering a day trip to Rome, but it depends on just how strong we're feeling.

Rome was for us a fairy tale. We fell head over heels in love with that city and both knew it needed more time than the week we spent exploring, but we're older and slower. If we could detour to Florence, I'd definitely go north, because one can not gaze long enough at Michelangelo's "David." These days it may be enough for us to get to Pompeii, Capri and Naples. We'll see.

The best thing about Italy is the gelato! ...To-Die-For Gelati! When in Rome, we had it from nearly every vendor we passed. One of the numerous guides I've read about Naples promises the same, streets and streets of gelato vendors! Bless the Italians!

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Bjorn Odinsson said...

Oooh I am so jealous! I hope you and your husband have a wonderful and safe trip!

May Thorr bless you and Odhinn own you!