Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vintage Horseshow

Heritage research doesn't always involve sifting through musty census records. Sometimes it is about collecting and preserving fantastic, old photographs like these, bits of history, precious to me and my family. The top picture is of an old-time horseshow. The man in the white shirt and a cigarette, standing with his back to the camera in the lower right corner, is my grandpa. Even with his back turned, my grandpa is unmistakable. His style of dress and the way he's standing, especially the warm arm around a boy, either a son or grandson, the ever-present cigarette, the tip of his head, were all characteristic of him.

The lower picture is a close-up from the horseshow. It was only a happy incident that this clown was captured. Check out his mule! I bet the two of them gave a grand, ol' show.

I can't say where the show took place, but judging by the skyline, either Kansas or Oklahoma. Not knowing who the boy is with my grandpa, I can't tell when the photo was taken either, but if someone recognizes the years of car models in the background, maybe we can get a rough estimate from that. Suggestions are welcome, especially since knowing the decade might help me identify the boy with grandpa.
My grandpa around 1955.

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