Saturday, March 7, 2009

Robbed of Peace and Vigor

"Scientists hope to harness them [stem-cells] so they can create replacement tissues to treat a variety of diseases — such as new insulin-producing cells for diabetics, cells that could help those with Parkinson's disease or maybe even Alzheimer's, or new nerve connections to restore movement after spinal injury." Read the full article at this link.

Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, both diseases which might have been closer to cures or amelioration if stem cell research had been properly funded, robbed my parents of peace and vigor in their retirement years. In my mother's case, she has lost even the sense of herself. I am duly resentful of the powers that robbed them and duly grateful that change is occurring so that others may not suffer what my parents will suffer to their graves.

The thirty years past retirement each that my father and mother offered of wisdom, experience and love, I trust, were a far greater gift to this world than a few, undifferentiated cells floating in amniotic fluid. As the great George Carlin said, "Not every ejaculation deserves a name." Shame on those who hindered cures for my parents, two hard-working, responsible, respectable, greatly loved and valuable human beings with much left to offer their family and the world.

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Bjorn Odinsson said...

Hey there Morning Angel! Thanks for the great review of WHAT IS HEATHENRY. Yes I plan I writing more of the Wights. They are an area I am a little rusty on, as I tend to work soley with the Odian concept of "becoming" a god myself via initation and meditation, but I will post an article on them soon. You are very correct, in corners of Scandinavia where the Forn Sedr is still practiced they laugh at American Tru who call on the Gods for every little thing. . ."it is better for man if the Gods are unaware of them" as the old Norse proverb goes ;-) Thanks for the suggestion!