Friday, March 20, 2009

Woe Is Me

I'm signed in from my Dad's computer. My own was eaten alive by a virus even while I battled to save it. My anti-viral/security software, Norton, was also eaten in this voracious attack. That's $170 for the last renewal down the drain. I wonder how much I will pay before the end. Today I'll try to do a system recovery, but I'm pretty sure I will lose all my files. Fortunately, all my travel photos, most of my garden photos and a few family pics are backed up on CDs. (*pats herself on the back for that.)

To those of you with whom I am in email contact, I will be checking only sporadically, so expect my reply rate to be slower.

On a high note, I met with the friendly folk at Rheinwood Hearth last night, saw their hof, the solar cross and held impromptu sumbel in observance of Spring. Our unrehearsed homage was casual but struck just the right notes under a clear, cool, springtime sky. It was my first taste of mead, and though I only drank a few sips I had a bit of a hangover at around three am. In all, it was a good evening with good food among good people.

Thanks and Hail to the folks of Rheinwood Hearth!


Chet Gresham said...

That's no good! Sorry!

Morning Angel said...

Final cost: $435.77. They waived the pick-up and delivery fee of $50.00, because my bill was so high!!!! Gah!