Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Northern Prayer for Thursday

Vaygar Elmersson has posted this prayer...

Njord, god of harbors and seas close to land, help us to remember the cargoes of wealth that float to our doors daily from the wonderful universe in which we live. Though our misfortunes may rise and fall like the tides, the chance of prosperity, like the eternal sea brimming with fish, is still there. Like the salt-sea spray, awaken us to the possibilities that surround us, so that our nets may be cast wide and return full of life’s gifts.


In the Northern tradition, there is a concept called Wyrd. It is the belief that our actions and of others shape (or weave) our possible futures. In practice, it means that we are not limited to a single future, predetermined by a higher power. Instead, we possess the power to either worsen or improve the course of our lives. There are limitations; the past, the environment, including the acts of other people, but we are not powerless. Our choices count. It means that we are responsible for our own failures and successes, but it also means we have power over our own lives. The prayer above reflects the belief in Wyrd. I like it because it allows for the life-affirming principles of positive action and hope.


Bjorn Odinsson said...

Hey Morning Angel, once again I am in love with your post! I especially love the prayers you post, they are so uplifting and inspiring to me, thanks for that!

RE: your comments on Nakenwoadwarrior

Yes, from what I have seen on wildhunt and from our limited conversations I would definetly say you fit the idea of the "Radical Heathen". Lol, the term "Radical" is a bit tongue in cheek, and it is sad that a Heathen who remains true or "Tru" (ie Faithful) to the Folkways should be labeled a Radical. . .but such is the world in which we live.

If you don't mind me asking, which parts didn't you agree with? That post is a raw first draft of what will eventually become the charter for my Kindred and hopefully an umbrella structure for other Heathens elsewhere to build off of. So your input would be greatly respected!


Bjorn Odinsson said...

Hey, thanks for the response :)

Nietzsche is most definitely an enigma to many, I personally love his works but don't always agree with his pessimism.

Good luck meeting the local Kindred! Hopefully they aren't "Universalist" Heathens. My experience with the local Kindred here in the Springs was that it consisted of wonderful human beings, but horrible Heathens. Lol, the Godhi himself actually said he wasn't sure if he even believed the Gods were anything other psychological Archetypes, the "Gydhia" was not even Heathen, more a hedgewitch than anything, and many of the members just seemed to be looking for drinking buddies.

This of course has encouraged me to attempt to start my own Kindred where the Gods are honored and the folkways explored.

I agree that for us to continue we must begin to propagate. I believe the family unit will be key in this. I read an article that pointed out that many Pagans aren't having children for various reasons, and that the difference between the reproduction rate of Kristjans and Pagans was frightening. The article encouraged those in child-bearing years to have at least four children, as having only two merely replicates the couple's presence in the world, three adds one, but to truly make a difference four or more is best.

I also believe in a sort of "soft prosyletizing", not the "in-your-face" tactics of the xtians, but rather a cultural presence in charity and social action. I believe that bearing the "colors" of Heathenism and Paganism while being involved in these beneficient actions would draw more positive attention to Paganism in general and Heathenism specifically.

It saddens me to see all the back-biting going on on wildhunt and the absolute refusal to agree. This hardly seems an attitude deserving of victory and success. Heathens in general seem to be able to understand each other better lol :)